The New Virtual Camp Portal for Our PCCCA Member Sites

The prospects for summer camp are still very uncertian. Will our camps be able to do their whole program, half of their program, just day camp, or nothing at all? Even if we are able to run summer programs, will some of our people choose not to sign up due to safety concerns?

Virtual camp programming is being discussed in many circles. Some of our camps are doing pieces now using Zoom or Facebook Live. There is a lot of talk out there about the programming that camps could provide this summer, but not much discussion regarding how these programs would be delivered.

PCCCA partnered with the Office of Christian Formation of the Presbyterian Mission Agency and the web developer, Worship Times, to offer our member sites a platform for virtual camp. This is a very new development – the funding was approved on April 8. We are very thankful that PMA is contributing $10,300 to this project and that the web developer, Worship Times, is building the platform at a very reduced rate.

How the Virtual Camp Portal is going to work
Our camps can purchase their virtual camp portal for the PCCCA member rate of $150 – this includes their own sub-domain (like and hosting from May 20 through August 15. Our PCCCA members pay $150, our OMC partner associations pay $200, and everyone else pays $550.

You can visit the website and sign-up by going to

We hope you will consider if the Virtual Camp Portal is a "good fit" for your camp or conference center. It is our way of helping you continue to minister to your constituency during this difficult time and to generate revenue when that is difficult to do.

If you have questions or comments regarding this project, please contact Joel Winchip, PCCCA Executive Director.