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PCCCA LogoThe September issue of Branches Online, the enewsletter of the Presbyterian Church Camp and Conference Association, is available online. You can see all of the latest news and resources by checking out this new issue. You will also find the August issue here. If you did not receive these issues in your email inbox, you can subscribe by sending your email address to

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Register Now for the 2017 PCCCA Annual Conference

We hope to see you at the 2017 PCCCA Annual Conference. "Water in the Wilderness" will be the theme for this event, which will be held on November 5-10 at the Presbyterian Mo-Ranch Assembly (Hunt, TX). If you would like to learn more about the event (and register), please check out the conference website

In Support of Glacier Camp in Montana

Prayer Fence at Glacier CampMany of you know that Glacier Camp (Lakeside, MT) had a deck collapse during a memorial service and more than 40 people were injured. It happened the day before summer camp was to start. The summer staff were getting the van to go be commissioned by the presbytery. The whole staff jumped into action and helped in every way they could. Fortunately several of them are EMTs. It took a couple hours to get everyone transported to area hospitals, including several by helicopter. 

The first week summer camp at Glacier was cancelled. Presbyterian Disaster Assistance immediately sent representatives and Brian Frick from the PC(USA) Office of Camp and Conference Ministry joined them within days. David Gill, who recently retired as the director of Ferncliff Camp and Conference Center, is currently on site lending administrative support to Executive Director, Heather Withrow. 

The camp and conference community has asked if there is anything they can do. The Glacier staff have an idea to share. There is an orange fence around the deck area. The hope is to transform it into a fence of prayer rather than a reminder of the accident. Prayer ribbons have been tied to the fence. The churches in Glacier Presbytery have joined in and it is spreading. If your site would like to participate, they would love to receive a visible show of the prayers and support from fellow camps and conference centers.
The prayer ribbons pictured here (photo courtesy of Amy Tanner) are just strips of any color cloth. Most are a couple inches wide and 18" long, more or less. They don't have to be uniform. You can write words of encouragement and prayers for the recovery of the injured, for the first responders, for the camp staff and campers here. Prayer ribbons can be mailed to Glacier Camp, P.O Box 384, Lakeview, MT 59922.
Please contact David Gill if you have any questions. Your support is appreciated.

Welcome to

Logo for BestSummerYet.comWe are proud to release the second of our new websites. will be our gateway for directing potential participants to your summer program. The website gives visitors the opportunity to search for camps and conference centers by their location. We ask that you please go to the website now and check out this new tool for your ministry. Then you can come back to this page to answer your initial questions.


How do I update my site’s listing?
Some sites did not submit a listing and others need to make updates to their current one. The system gives you the ability to make changes to your listing whenever you desire.


To get started, go to and find your site's name in the pull down menu. The system will then confirm the email address that is associated with your listing. Once you receive the login information, you will have the ability to make any changes to your listing (including changing the primary email address).


Why does my site appear at the bottom of the listings and not have pictures?
A featured listing with pictures is included as part of the benefits of PCCCA membership. Those should always appear at the top of the search results. Want to have a featured listing for your site? You can join or renew your membership by going to

How can I use this website now?
If you encounter someone who is seeking a program that you don't offer, you can send them to Receiving the website information now also gives you plenty of time to work on your listing for summer 2018 (like improving your listing by getting the best pictures of your program this summer).


How did this website come together?
We first want to thank the Presbyterian Mission Agency’s Office of Camp and Conference Ministry for their gracious funding that allowed this website (and the other new websites) to get off the ground. We thank PCCCA’s webmaster, Cal Findeiss, for his long hours in putting the website together. The PCCCA Website Committee: Matt Henry of Skyline, John Reiter of Cedarkirk, Doug Walters of Hanover, and Joel Winchip of PCCCA provided input and testing along the way. The video montage that welcomes guests to the website was put together from clips contributed by Mo-Ranch of Texas, Camp Kintail of Ontario, Greenwood of Michigan, and John Knox Center of Tennessee.


Why don’t I see this website when I google it?
Google search results come from many different sources. While we are doing the most we can to set up the website to be viewed the best on Google, you can also help out. When you encounter someone who is seeking a program that you don't offer, please send them to Google uses website traffic to rank pages higher than others. The more traffic that goes through to our website, the better this site will look to Google.


You said this is the second new website. What was the first one?
On April 14, we launched This website is o
ur gateway for directing potential staff applicants to your summer program. If you missed that announcement, you can check it out here.