An Official Statement by the PCCCA Board Concerning Summer Programs at Our Camps and Conference Centers – April 27

The mission of the Presbyterian Church Camp and Conference Association is to equip leaders for vibrant and sustainable ministries. Each PCCCA camp and conference center is unique. They vary in size, location, finances, and focus. A decision for one camp or conference center may or may not be appropriate for another. Currently, many camp leaders and wider leadership are making decisions related to their summer programming in 2020 from how to operate safely in the midst of a pandemic all the way to suspending all summer operations. The decisions made by our camp and conference centers should be expected to be as varied as the sites themselves. During this COVID-19 crisis, PCCCA’s goal is to provide resources and support for our members so that each member site can make the best decision possible according to their unique circumstances. Our prayers are with each of these important ministries.