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For over 30 years, Megasys Hospitality Solutions (Megasys), based in Tulsa, Okla., continues to be “At Your Service,” providing property management, supporting technologies and unrivaled service to its unique clients. Guided by its commitment to service and the ideas provided by our clients over the years, Megasys has grown from a simple, yet sophisticated reservations system, to an easy-to-use, fully integrated, multicompany property management system, that you can operate in the palm of your hand, on a device.

Over the past year, Megasys has grown to include two other major companies, IQware Inc., our sister company, with additional add-on products that allows for Engineering/Work Order management, that can be a stand-alone product. Along with IQware, the biggest partnership is with our new parent company, Fullsteam, LLC, which is a payment processing company where, along with 60+ other companies, provides Megasys is able to integrate credit card processing, within the software, to reduce cost and provide single support of the software, processing and PCI compliancy.

Megasys ensures every new in-house application and integration with its industry partners has the same guiding principles as the company’s first product offering 30 years ago: Make it flexible enough to work the way property and hospitality management people use it and make it affordable with pricing that fits the needs of their budget, no matter the size of the property.

Megasys began as a company that had a vision of providing the best hospitality technology at affordable prices. The company remains committed to that vision as it continues to develop and partner with other industry solutions to provide the tools required for properties to be successful. Megasys strongly believes that its success can only be measured by the success of its clients.

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