Bed Bug Heat Doctor/Prevsol

Our American-made bed bug heaters will kill bed bugs the first time, every time in rooms up to 950 square feet. Heat is 100% effective, killing all life stages of bed bugs from eggs to adults. Rooms can be treated in 6-10 hours and are immediately available for use after treatment. Our heaters are lightweight, all-in-one units that are easy to transport with the luggage handle and wheels. Save money with our do-it-yourself units that can be used again and again when bed bug problems arise.
Reputation and integrity are very important to our family owned and operated company. You will find many satisfied customers in our Google reviews and Facebook reviews. Over 10,000 of our heaters are killing bed bugs in all 50 States and Canada. Our heaters are so widely used, 1 out of every 5 hotels are using our machines.
Our line of disinfecting products and electrostatic sprayers will revolutionize your cleaning routine. Electrostatic sprayers add an electrical charge to each drop of disinfectant causing the droplets to cling to surfaces. This offers even distribution of disinfectant over every surface. We have several package options for all of your disinfecting needs.