Outdoor Leaders Internship – Camp Amnicon Adventures & Retreats

Site Name: Camp Amnicon Adventures & Retreats

Position Title: Outdoor Leaders Internship

Position Type: Year-Round Presbyterian

Location (city and state): South Range, Wisconsin

Job Description:
Your responsibilities will vary greatly depending on the focus of your internship and the season of the year. Like the weather around here, we have four distinct work-seasons in which our goals and objectives for the season vary dramatically. On the whole, there are three main facets of your internship:

Your unique area of focus



You’ll spend an average of one third of your time in each of these areas throughout the year.

Your area of focus could be something that fits in with the outreach and/or operations at Amnicon, like digital marketing and media, outdoor recreation, land management and forestry, or non-profit business administration, etc…, or your area of focus may take the form of a special project that you will design with our input for the purpose of meeting your educational and professional goals while also advancing Amnicon’s mission. Each intern will have a unique area of focus, and we will all work together as a team (directors included) on outreach and operational efforts, such as summer staff recruitment and on-site hospitality, not to mention whatever wild stuff nature will throw at us on any given day! Life in the woods is full of surprises. Since we work as a team, the surprises are just part of the fun!

Working at Amnicon means you'll get a world-class wilderness experience complete with lifelong friends and memories, an inclusive and affirming community, relevant skills for any future career, and an opportunity to create positive and lasting change for the benefit of other people and the world we all live in.

At Amnicon we develop competent leaders who facilitate fun and safe wilderness experiences. We welcome people just as they are, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or pretty much anything else!

Applications are considered as they arrive. Apply today at amnicon.org!

Contact Info:
Brad Damon
8450 E Camp Amnicon Rd
South Range, WI 54874
7153642602 | EMAIL