Executive Director – Camp Westminster on Higgins Lake

Site Name: Camp Westminster on Higgins Lake

Position Title: Executive Director

Position Type: Year-Round Presbyterian

Location (city and state): Roscommon, MI. 48653

Job Description:
Camp Westminster is a 97 year old ministry of Westminster Church of Detroit. Located 3 hours north of Detroit, the camp is on beautiful Higgins Lake. See our website: campwstminster.org. The successful candidate will process the following skills: camp management, financial/fundraising skills, and very importantly a Christian desire to love and mold children into servant leaders.

Applications are due no later that 9 September 2022
Required documents: Cover letter, resume, and your vision for the future of our camp (https://campwestminster.com)

Contact Info:
Martha R. Blenman/Camp Westminster
17567 Hubbell Ave.
Detroit, MI 48235
248-840-1429 | EMAIL