Compass Points :: Articulating Our Mission, Role, and Value

Do you know where your ministry is going? Can you clearly articulate for others who you are, and why you exist? Identification and implementation of mission, core values, and philosophy are central to all aspects of successful outdoor ministry: program, site management, hospitality, marketing, finances and more. Participants will delve into their organization’s mission and core values. This course involves organizational introspection and will engage with a wide variety of concepts, ideas and activities. Course work will challenge a new, or clearer perspective concerning mission, philosophy, vision and core values in your outdoor ministry.

This course will be held at at Pilgrim Center (Ripon, WI) and will be taught by Randy Youngquist-Thurow of Agapé + Kure Beach Ministries (Fuquay-Varina, NC) and Cat Holbert of Mingus Mountain Methodist Camp and Retreat Center (Jerome, AZ). You can learn more about this class by going to


Apr 11 2021 - Apr 14 2021


All Day