Crossways Engagement & Recruitment Specialist/ Imago Dei Village Summer Site Director – Crossways Camping Ministries

Site Name: Crossways Camping Ministries

Position Title: Crossways Engagement & Recruitment Specialist/ Imago Dei Village Summer Site Director

Position Type:  Year-Round

Location (city and state): Clintonville, WI

Salary Range: $47,000 to $50,000

Benefits: Compensation will be commensurate with experience and qualifications. The salary and benefits package for this position is $47,000 – $50,000.

*On-site housing is available if desired, but only required during the summer season and during times when this position may be needed for event/retreat hosting.

Additional benefits include: Health Insurance, Paid Vacation & Holidays, Retirement Contributions

Job Description:
The primary employment responsibility of the Crossways Engagement & Recruitment Specialist/ IDV Summer Site Director is two-fold. The initial focus from September – May is to engage camp prospects to meaningfully participate in the Crossways mission & ministry by registering for a camp program, working as seasonal staff and/or renting facilities at one of our three camps: Waypost (Hatley, WI), Imago Dei Village (Clintonville, WI) and Pine Lake Camp (Waupaca, WI). The engagement specialist will engage and recruit prospects by representing Crossways as an exhibitor/vendor at conferences, conventions, job fairs, synod and community events. This position will coordinate & direct the Crossways Ambassador and Camp Champs programs. Through these programs Crossways volunteers, staff and stakeholders engage in outreach and marketing to interested congregations, organizations and potential partners. (In our collaborative leadership structure, camp ambassadors, board members, and other Crossways staff also share these engagement duties, but to a lesser extent.)
The primary focus during the summer season from May – August would shift to serving as the Imago Dei Village Summer Site Director. The IDV Summer Site Director works with other summer site directors to train, supervise and mentor summer staff; implement youth/adult/family programs, and coordinate summer camp services (e.g., canoe trips).

This full-time permanent position will have future opportunities for advanced collaborative leadership roles within the larger Crossways Camping Ministries organization.

• Earned Bachelor’s degree from an accredited College or University is required. Additional related education and/or training is preferred.
• Demonstrate ability to encourage, support, guide and oversee young adult seasonal staff and effectively collaborate with colleagues.
• Possess a required 3 year minimum of experience in a leadership role in any of the following: Camp administration, education, business, church, or other non-profit organization.
• Demonstrate personal commitment to Christian faith, faith development, and an understanding of the theology, practice and teaching of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).
• Possess valid WI Driver’s License. Ability to travel state-wide.
• Demonstrate endurance to perform work-related tasks for longer periods of time (60 minutes or more).
• Pass all required background checks and other conditions of employment.
• Provide record of current relevant certifications in health & safety, food service, and specialty activities or the ability to be certified prior to the start of employment.
• Possess knowledge of applicable WI state codes, county regulations and ACA requirements.
• Commit to supporting the Crossways Camping Ministry mission in accordance with the organizations constitution, by-laws and policies.
• Commit to working collaboratively with Board, staff and committee members to provide information, participate in decisions and complete tasks in a timely and accurate manner.

Demonstrated Skills & Abilities in the following
• Organizational budget development and financial management.
• Oral & written communications skills with successful experience in promotion/sales/marketing and public relations.
• Ability to warmly connect with and engage diverse individuals and organizations in the mission and ministry of Crossways.
• Ability to prioritize, organize, self-direct and work both independently & collaboratively.
• Technology and software proficiency to perform work-related duties, including knowledge of Excel, Word, Google applications, Graphic Design, Email & Registration software.
• Ability to provide excellent hospitality services as needed (e.g., cooking for a retreat group, coordinating services, welcoming guests).
• Strong skillset in human relations and business operations.
• Ability to collaboratively engage with colleagues for program planning & implementation.
• Ability to cultivate positive relationships that affirm the partnerships between Crossways with congregations, organizations, individuals, related synods, and the larger community.
• Desire to further develop leadership skills with a future interest in serving a 2-year rotation as a Chair of Operations.

To apply, please send a Letter of Application and Resume to:
Rev. Joe Wilkinson, Vice President – Board of Directors & Chair of the Personnel Committee

Questions? Feel free to reach out to any of the following:
Rev. Joe Wilkinson: 715.304.6166 (cell) VP – Board of Directors
Dr. Kim Beloin: 414.881.8101 (cell) Personnel Committee
Robyn Koehler: 715.258.3813 (office) Chair of Operations

Contact Info:
Rev. Joe Wilkinson (Chair of Crossways Personnel Committee & Vice President of the Board of Directors)
W5631 Akron Ave.
Waupaca, WI 54981
(715) 304-6166 | EMAIL