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Camp Manager - Pilgrim Cove Campm-d-Ym-d-Y
Outdoor Ministry Program Director - Camp Bucm-d-Ym-d-Y
Guest Services Host - Procter Centerm-d-Ym-d-Y
Chaplain Intern - Presbyterian Mo-Ranch Assemblym-d-Ym-d-Y
Executive Director - Procter Centerm-d-Ym-d-Y
Facilities Director - Clearwater Forestm-d-Ym-d-Y
Associate Director for Program and Development - Dwight Mission Camp and Conference Centerm-d-Ym-d-Y
Program Director - Oklahoma United Methodist Camps & Retreatsm-d-Ym-d-Y
Guest Services Supervisor - Highlands Presbyterian Camp and Retreat Centerm-d-Ym-d-Y
Executive Director - Stronghold Camp and Retreat Centerm-d-Ym-d-Y
Site Director - Skye Farm Camp & Retreat Centerm-d-Ym-d-Y

Does your camp or conference center have a year-round (full or part-time) position available?

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